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2.5 grams (31.95€)

2.5 grams (Honey) (32.95€)

15 grams (147.00€)

6 x 2.5 grams (Honey) (152.95€)

30 grams (225.00€)

Magic mushroom - Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher

The origin of this strain is not known, thus the name comes from the admirable golden color of the caps and his so-called teaching capacities. The first flush will produce medium sized mushrooms. In later flushes they might become very large. It’s a very robust mushroom with big, massive stems.


Duration The primary effects of magic mushrooms last for 4-6 hours when taken orally. For many people there is an additional period of time (2-6 hrs) where it is difficult to go to sleep and there is definitely a noticeable difference from everyday reality.



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